Co-Founder and C(F||T)O

January 2014 - Present

Creating a world-class whole body cryotherapy experience using open source software, skillful incentives for stakeholders, and integrating SAAS products

  • Compared various POS and CRM systems to create a streamlined system for scheduling and payments
  • Create monthly reports of financials for other partners and investors to measure profitability for each product / plan.
  • Investigate, execute, and learn from different email, ad, and social campaigns. Automate them where makes sense.
  • Wrote internal web applications for authenticating and using the APIs of our CRM for our specfic business processes around nitrogen gas management, plans and usage, and commissions

#CTO #CFO #wordpress #JavaScript #Ruby #SEO

Karma Grove


June 2013 - Present

Web and Mobile Point of Sale System and Online Store

  • Continuously creating marketplace for charities and business owners to meet and support community causes. A minimum of 1% of revenue automatically given at point of sale and record kept as write off for the business owner
  • Designed, Built, Marketed, Deployed version 1 all alone in one week from a cafe.
  • Created events system for emailing tickets to customers of event creators along with link to modify donation rights for the purchase
  • Integrated with CRM system pike13 using API and created single page point of sale to increase conversions for studio emails.

#Rails #Ruby #StripeAPI #Javascript


Senior Software Engineer

February, 2013 - November, 2013

Bringing transparency to methane emissions in the natural gas industry and providing technology for molecular spectroscopy

  • Created new product with one other dev using node.js, jquery, Google maps, and leaflet to map and share methane emissions
  • Moved dev team to be more agile by using git, pivotal tracker, and then convincing stakeholders of benefits.
  • Wrote chef recipes for our different web products to use with vagrant to take setup time of personal environment from multiple days to minutes and zero chance of missed steps
  • Created new API endpints for node.js application for easier mapping of routes and methane emissions

#python #javascript #node.js #jquery #mongo #AWS #chef

Software Engineer

October, 2011 - December, 2012

Empowering students to learn useful skills from a university using great technology. I am the project lead on our fork of the open source application canvas-lms .

  • Utilized rails 2.3 delayed jobs plugin to create a video transcoding solution for web recording and ipad display
  • Configuration management using chef and amazon web services to scale with grace (one command deploy).
  • Engineered vagrant, chef-solo, and virtual machine process for minimizing setup time across multiple services.
  • Introduced fellow employees in engineering and business intelligence to the use of ruby scripting to work more effectively with web services and eliminate repetitive tasks.

#rubyonrails #javascript #jquery #php #mongo #AWS


June, 2011 - June 2013

Dev boot camp is an intensive 10 week course meant to take someone from very little programming skill to "world class beginner".

  • Mentored two proteges learning to become ruby on rails developers for each cohort since summer 2011.
  • Provided assistance in understanding datatypes, duck-typing, and other core features of Ruby.
  • Pair programmed, showed how to write unit tests, and taught basic web apps on unix with apache and sys5init.

Web developer providing premium sports league and organization software as a service.

July 2009 - September 2011

Made awesome applications empowering coaches, players, and parents to easily manage the soccer and sports organizations.

  • Developed ruby (mostly sinatra) applicatons for paypal interaction, transaction repair automation, self-healing systems, and more.
  • Learned legacy templating language along with html and javascript for web design.
  • Favored use of javascript building html on front end with fast queries on backend outputting json.

#rubyonrails #javascript #jquery #firebird #mongo #redis #quickbooks #agile

Financial Literacy Foundation

Teaching financial literacy courses in Washington, DC and developing the web site.

Spring 2008 - Summer 2009

I began as a volunteer and later became teacher, web developer, and curriculum curator

  • Designed, promoted, and conducted workshops for teens and young adults.
  • Taught economics & financial literacy at SEED School DC for one year.
  • Developed a rails 1.2 app with one other person to support assessments, attendance, and more.

#rubyonrails #javascript #prototype #agile

BBA, Finance and Information Systems

2004-2008 George Washington University

MS, Information Systems Design

2008-2009 George Washington University

Conferences They are more than fun.

  • BulletProof 2017
  • RubyConf 2015
  • Heroku Waza 2013
  • RubyConf 2012
  • CanvasCon 2011
  • RubyConf 2010
  • JSConf 2010
  • Dreamforce 2010
  • RubyConf 2009
  • JSConf 2009

Side projects Keep learning on the side

Circling Europe

Company specializes in leadership training

  • Implemented new booking system with automated mailers
  • Created development server identical to production
  • Introduced best practices in software and managed other contractors

Sinatra app with webkit and pdf generation from html content on the fly

The resume pdf is generated from this html (and admittedly could use some work). The source is available here.

#sinatra #heroku #pdfkit